Arne Zuidhoek

A-Z Pirate Encyclopedia. Deprived of God & Country (vier delen)

isbn: 978-90-6967-023-2 (Volume I)
uitgever: Julius de Goede, Utrecht  
A4, hardcover, ca. 200 pag. per volume, € 35,- excl. Verzendkosten Klik op Verhalen en u kunt een beknopte versie lezen van Volume I.

The romantic picture of pirates as colourful individuals terrorizing the 'Seven Seas' has long eclipsed hirstorical fact. A-Z Pirate Encyclopedia contains the most complete body of data available on de rovers' rightful legitimacy as subjects of investigation. For the first time we see so many pirates (c. 6.000) brought together. This pirate's who's- who, including the women pirates, makes it possible to see differences in practice and purpose between adventurers of different areas and their significance and circumstances. A-Z Pirate is the essential companion for scholars, students and a general audience intrigued by tales and facts, over 1.000 pages ion four volumes.

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